Roseville martial artist will see and be seen in Poomsae Championship

Jennifer Reasner is a competitor and judge for Sacramento event
By: Bill Poindexter/Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor
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There will be several competitors from Placer County competing in the fourth annual Sacramento Technical Poomsae Championship on Saturday at the Mather Sports Complex.

There will be at least one that will pull double duty as a competitor and an official.

Jennifer Reasner is a Roseville resident, Spanish teacher at Whitney High School in Rocklin and former amateur figure skater. She’s been to numerous national and international events and has won multiple gold medals this year alone in United World Taekwondo Association and USA Taekwondo tournaments.

Reasner competes more in Poomsae, choreographed fighting technique forms, than sparring.

“There’s less risk of injury,” she said, breaking into a hearty laugh. “You’re not hitting anything except the air, although you are insinuating choreographed movements against an invisible competitor.”

Reasner also described an aesthetic quality to a Poomsae routine not found in sparring.

“You can stub your toe, twist your knee,” she said, laughing again.

And judging is strict. Scoring is 40 percent accuracy (basic movements, balance, kicks, punch placement, stances, foot angles) and 60 percent presentation (speed and power, rhythm, expression of energy). A minor mistake results in a deduction of .1 of a point on a 10-point system; competitors are docked .3 for a major mistake.

“They’re looking at every single little thing,” Reasner said, referring to the judges.
She knows. Reasner will juggle competition with judging Saturday.

“They’re both equally challenging,” she said. “To do both on the same day is exhausting. Poomsae is done within 35, 40 seconds. Your job as a judge, you’re watching one Poomsae over and over.”


What: Poomsae is forms and fighting techniques used in Korean taekwondo.
When: 9 a.m. Saturday at Mather Sports Complex, 3755 Schriever Ave.
Tickets: $10 for adults, $7 for children ages 6-12.
Information: (916) 332-6979 or