Roseville homeowners battle on "Turf War"

DIY show has residents vying for $10,000 award for best backyard
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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Two sets of Roseville homeowners recently engaged in a vicious battle - to see which group could create the more amazing backyard space, win $10,000 and earn the title of Best Yard on the Block.

That battle with air on the DIY Network's show, "Turf War," Friday.

In one corner, we have Toni and Richard Tibbetts who revisited their Turkish vacation by building a pergola with large cast concrete columns and large beams. They also installed a prefabricated fireplace and massive concrete block water feature.

In the opposite corner, we have Kristopher Jones and Robert Sharp, whose transformation involved several tons of concrete sculpted into a tranquil walk-in cave. Thin sheets of water cascade over the front entrance of the cave and pour down into a recycling rock pond.

The Press Tribune connected with Jones and Toni Tibbetts to learn more about the experience.

How did you find out about "Turf War?"

Jones: We really enjoy watching the DIY Network programs, including "Turf War," and had noticed that a lot of the filming was local. We started hearing about friends and acquaintances that had been on "Turf War" and asked how they got on the show - tips and advice on how to stand out. (We) submitted our application. The rest is history.

Tibbetts: We (had) seen the show. Our neighbor, Kris, suggested we apply to battle against each other. He knew someone who had participated in a past season and they were really happy with their results.

Tell me about the experience of appearing on an episode.

Jones: We really enjoyed the experience. It was a lot of hard work and kind of a surreal experience having your yard completely transformed over the course of two days. But despite the hard work, we got to experience it with friends and family (our helpers), and a great team.

The nice part was that we were involved in every aspect of the work, from molding and stamping concrete boulders to building things with our "secret material." In the end, we really felt like we participated in the build, rather than watching trained contractors transform our backyard. We learned a lot.

Tibbetts: Participating in "Turf War" was one of the most exciting experiences we have ever had. The production team was great to work with and we both had a blast making our backyard go from weeds to wow.

We were involved in every aspect of the project, from laying pavers, digging holes, constructing our amazing awning, applying stone to the fireplace and building the beautiful water feature - everything down to planting and laying the grass. It was definitely hard work but the payoff was worth it. ... We absolutely couldn't have done this without our team.

How do you feel about the results of the project?

Jones: We really love our new yard. The design was really creative and made great use of the space. The design is definitely unique - not what I would ever come up with on my own. But that's the great thing about shows like "Turf War," is that they can inspire home owners to do something different and creative.

Tibbetts: Our backyard is stunning. It's more than we could have ever dreamt of doing on our own. We literally sit in the backyard all the time in awe of what we have. Before we never had a reason to open the curtains and blinds that looked out into the backyard and now they are open all the time. The designers took everything we asked for into consideration when planning our project and we could not be happier.

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"Turf War" episode Concrete Columns vs. Tree Trunk Grotto

What: Episode features two Roseville homeowners

When: 9 p.m. Friday, May 11

Info: Check your local listings for the DIY Network