Roseville fire managers can now make more money

Incentive pay will potentially increase compensation of eight managers
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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Roseville fire managers now have a chance to make more money, following a unanimous decision by the City Council on April 18.

This change will potentially affect eight fire managers - battalion chiefs, division chiefs and the assistant fire chief - who can now receive certification and longevity pay. This incentive-based compensation may cost the city an estimated $147,532 annually.

"I want to point out the changes are incentive based, so it's not automatic that all eight managers will get all of the increase," said Human Resources Director Stacey Haney, during the council meeting.

A recently approved contact between Roseville Firefighters Association and the city brought the base pay of fire captains near or over the base compensation of higher ranked battalion chiefs. The city says this may cause recruitment and retention issues for management positions.

Councilman John Allard warned against the city getting into a position where firefighters don't want to be supervisors because they'd make less money.

"If you want people to be managers, they have to be compensated more than the people they're managing," Allard said. "It's pretty simple."

Phil Ozenick, representing the citizens watchdog group Friends of Roseville, criticized the change during the meeting.

"That is adding fuel to the fire of management's excessive pay and eventually increasing the number of Roseville retirees in the 'Roseville $100,000 Retirement Club,'" he said, referencing a group of retired city employees who make at least a $100,000 pension.

Haney said this change will not increase that number because fire personnel's pension is capped at 90 percent of final compensation. She said the impact on the city's retirement costs will be minimal.

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