Roseville fined $54,000 for water pollution

Violations occurred at Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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The city of Roseville has been fined $54,000 for water pollution violations by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, which announced the penalty Jan. 11.

Roseville’s fine involves 18 violations of its coliform effluent limit between January 2009 and October 2012 at the city’s Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant, according to a news release issued by the board. Treated municipal wastewater is discharged to Pleasant Grove Creek, which is a tributary to Pleasant Grove Creek Canal, the Natomas Cross Canal and Sacramento River.

Levels of the bacteria coliform are used to indicate the effectiveness of the plant’s disinfection system, said Roseville’s Wastewater Utility Manager Ken Glotzbach. They collect daily samples checking for the presence or absence of coliform — bacteria also present in the natural environment.

“Having a violation doesn’t necessarily mean the water is unsafe, just that we exceeded the limit in our permit, which is very stringent,” Glotzbach said.

He said there are hundreds of ways to violate the water code, and the 18 coliform violations account for the only ones at the plant over the past several years.   

“The root cause is we were implementing a new disinfection system and it takes a little time to get familiar with how it operates,” Glotzbach said, adding that since the last violation was recorded in October, the system has operated fine.

The state board issued a total of $663,000 fines for 12 facilities in its coverage area, including $303,000 in fines against Placer County for 101 violations at two wastewater treatment plants.