Roseville Electric is community's partner in prosperity

By: Carol Garcia, Roseville City Council
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For over a century, Roseville Electric has provided our community with reliable electricity. Last month, Roseville Electric was designated by the American Public Power Association for being one of the most reliable community-owned electric utilities in the nation. But more than just providing electricity to light our homes and businesses and charge our cell phones, Roseville Electric is an important partner in maintaining a dynamic local economy and enhancing our outstanding quality of life. We all have different reasons for being in Roseville. I know local businesses like to be in Roseville because they need reliable electricity. Roseville?s two hospitals, manufacturers, data centers, schools and shopping centers cannot afford to be without power. On average, each Roseville Electric customer experiences an outage once every six years. That?s phenomenal considering that customers just north of Roseville will experience a power failure once every 10 months. Roseville Electric?s low rates also support our community?s quality of life. Our customers are fortunate they pay less than residents and business in neighboring communities. Collectively, Roseville Electric customers have more than $30 million in discretionary spending because they have lower utility bills. That means there?s more money available to be spent at stores and services in our community. In addition, your electric utility rates pay for streetlights and traffic signal operations and maintenance, as well as provide contributions to police, fire, libraries and parks, ensuring Roseville continues to be a safe, dynamic and vibrant community. Right now, Roseville Electric is looking at ways to buy low-cost renewable energy to comply with new state laws without significantly affecting reliability. At recent workshops, Roseville Electric explained that meeting that challenge will increase power costs ? not just for our customers, but for every Californian. As a lifelong resident of Roseville, I think we are lucky to have our own electric power provider. A locally-owned utility means we have direct access to those who operate the utility and we can count on them to provide cost effective services and rebate programs that meet our community?s unique needs. While we celebrate Roseville Electric?s recent reliability award, know that your public power company is our community?s partner in prosperity into the next century. City Councilwoman Carol Garcia is a senior vice president at Community 1st Bank and represents the city of Roseville on the board of the Northern California Power Agency.