Roseville Councilman questions funding Salvation Army luncheon

Herman says money shouldn’t be used for same group ‘year after year’
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Roseville City Council recently approved giving $2,500 to the Salvation Army.

They did the same thing last year. And the repeated request by the nonprofit organization for a piece of the city's $15,000 discretionary funds had one councilman questioning whether that's the right use of the limited bucket of money.

"Not that it's not a very worthy cause, but I don't know if this money is designed to be a funding source year after year for the same things," said Councilman Tim Herman during the Oct. 3 council meeting. "It's a very small pot of money."

Herman suggested the much larger Citizen's Benefit Fund might be a more appropriate source to pay for a five-seat table at the annual Salvation Army luncheon.

The council paid for a table last year, too, he said, alluding to the fact that the city began supplying money to the Salvation Army following the entrance of Vice Mayor Susan Rohan to the council in December 2010. Rohan is heavily involved with the organization, serving as luncheon chair.

Councilman John Allard said sometimes the council doesn't use all the discretionary funds, which are then rolled over to the next year.

"(The Salvation Army) is providing incredibly important critical services at a very difficult time for people," Allard said. "This would be one for me that is really an easy one."

After the discussion, Herman made a motion to approve the funding, which passed unanimously with Rohan abstaining.

~ Sena Christian