Roseville City Council considers changes to dog licensing

City estimates only a third of all canines licensed
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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The city of Roseville is considering an ordinance that would require all veterinarians to provide information about canine rabies vaccinations to animal control authorities.

Dog owners are currently required to vaccinate and license their pets, but city officials say many people fail to complete that second requirement.

In 2010, the city licensed 8,876 dogs. But with 47,960 households inside city limits, officials estimate that number represents only 35 percent of all canine pets.

This municipal code amendment would encourage compliance and make Roseville consistent with other cities in Placer County, said Roseville Police Captain Stefan Moore during Wednesday’s city council meeting.

“Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, they’re all waiting for us because they want to make sure this is a countywide effort,” Moore said.

Loomis also passed a similar ordinance. Roseville is the only city not to have done so. By making reporting requirements uniform across Placer County, a dog owner won’t go to a veterinarian in another city without the requirement to have their animal vaccinated and avoid licensing.

“My greater concern is in these tough economic times, a lot of people are denying themselves health care because they don’t have the money … I was just concerned this would be a hardship on people who have a dog or, maybe even worse, not get them vaccinated,” said Mayor Pauline Roccucci.

Moore said the code amendment would not increase licensing fees. The city charges $30 for a one-year license for an unaltered dog, and $15 for a dog who has been spayed or neutered.

In 2010, Roseville spent nearly $1 million on animal control and collected $87,482 in dog licensing fees. These fees help offset the cost of animal control efforts.

Under the new ordinance, veterinarians would provide a rabies vaccination certificate to the dog owner and to Placer County’s director of animal control.

PetData — the company Roseville uses for pet licensing — would wait 30 days after the dog is vaccinated before sending out a reminder to the owner if the dog hasn’t yet been licensed. They would wait another 30 days before sending out a second notice. After 60 days, an animal control officer will follow-up with the owner in person. Ten days later, police might issue a citation.

Vice Mayor Susan Rohan expressed concern about forcing this requirement on veterinarians.

“I have a reservation of the city taking a position to force a private enterprise to get engaged in this activity,” Rohan said.

The council agreed to wait to vote on the ordinance until they do additional research. Councilman John Allard was absent from Wednesday’s meeting.

Here’s a look at some other items approved during the Feb. 1 council meeting:

Purchase of residential waste containers: The Solid Waste Division needs 1,908 of the 96-gallon and 64-gallon black cans combined, and 1,272 of the 96-gallon green cans. These quantities include new service and replacement waste containers to be purchased throughout the 2012 calendar year on an as-needed basis for an estimated total cost of $154,174.

Service agreement for electrical services: The city chose Vakso Electric as its vendor to perform smaller electrical projects in the $500 to $10,000 range as part of a five-year agreement, with an initial three-year period and two optional renewal years. The cost for the three-year agreement is $450,000.

Purchase of vehicles budget adjustment: The city will purchase a 2012 Ford Fusion from Downtown Ford for the Roseville Police Department for $22,329. The city’s Environmental Utilities department will purchase a three-axle dump truck for $122,930.

Regional public safety computer system funding adjustment: The Roseville Police Department in partnership with Placer County and the Auburn Police Department will implement a new shared public safety computer system, using New World Systems for a cost not to exceed $1.25 million.

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