Roseville bike trail extension a big hit among residents

By: Eric Laughlin, The Press Tribune
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Roseville bikers and joggers say they’re thrilled with the recent expansion of the city’s Miner’s Ravine bike trail along Dry Creek from East Street to Folsom Road. The newly paved trail is the second of four possible phases and part of a plan to eventually construct 6.5 continuous miles of trail between Sierra College Boulevard and Royer Park in Downtown Roseville. “We are really happy with it,” said Roseville jogger Ginny Daly. “My girlfriends and I have been using it constantly, as have a lot of families. You really feel safe on it.” Biker Dave Flynn, also of Roseville said the new trail makes getting around town more convenient and environmentally sound. “It’s a good way to send a message that there’s an alternative to firing up your gas guzzler,” he said. “I hope it sets an example for the younger folks.” Mike Dour works as an alternative transportation analyst for the city and said the trails come with multiple benefits. “Not only is it a good means of transportation for people who want to avoid congestion and have a more pleasant commute to work,” he said. “But it’s also good for reducing emissions and improving people’s physical fitness.” Dour said the city’s commitment to extending the trails comes after consistent public opinion in favor of the paths. “The city actually did a recent parks and recreation study where they asked people to rank 26 different amenities,” he said. “Bike trails were consistently either at the top or near the top.” The extension is the city’s largest biking investment to date and made possible with local transportation funding and three alternative transportation grants. The third phase is set for completion by next year. For more information on the city’s bike trails, visit