Rosebuds: When did we get so mean?

By: Michelle Carl
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Look in any forum online and you’ll find more than a few hateful and insensitive statements. Sadly these days, if you put your life out there in the public eye, some faceless troll in cyberspace gets to comment on it. It happened two weeks ago with our story about Roseville mom Amy Anderson, who was arrested for her involvement with the Occupy Sacramento protests. It didn’t take long for the commenters to condemn Amy, assuming she doesn’t spend money wisely, chose to work in a low-paying career and isn’t a good mother. What happened to judge not lest you be judged? It happened again during Tom McClintock’s town hall meeting on Oct. 20. When one attendee brought up redistributing the wealth, he was met with boos and shouts of “communist.” So much for hearing an opposing viewpoint. I believe debate and the free exchange of ideas is what makes this country great, but can we keep the personal attacks out of it? Just something to think about next time you’re about to click on that “Post a Comment” link.