Rosebuds: Tragedy makes you hug children closer

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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For the first time this week, a news story made me “hug my son tighter.”

It’s a phrase many sources have used with me over the years to describe close calls or tragedies that have befallen their families — tragedies that I’ve had to report on. While I’ve always been empathetic, I never truly felt what it meant until I became a parent.

When news broke this week about the brutal triple-murder of a mother and her two toddlers in Rancho Cordova, I was shocked. The account of the father, Denis Bukhantsov, finding his family slain and discovering his 6-month-old son alive in the crib hurt my heart to its very core. Watching the press conference with the father and hearing the coos of baby Mark — coos that sound so much like my son’s — made me feel so much pain for a man I didn’t know.

After you ask God to help a family dealing with loss, you also give thanks for your own family. And the next time you hold your baby, you really squeeze him good. He doesn’t know why, but you know — you’re hugging him because there’s some other parent out there who can’t hug their child.

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Press Tribune and Wesley’s mom. Rosebuds is a blog about parenting and appears on Mondays.