Rosebuds: The time I believed in Santa

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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A few Christmases ago, I was reminded of the joy of believing in Santa Claus. Now that I have a child of my own, I can’t wait to see that same light and magic in his eyes.

Here’s the story:

It was a foggy Christmas night a few years ago. My husband David and I had just spent a long Christmas Eve at my parents’ house in Orangevale, as has become the tradition now that I split the holiday with both sides of my family.

Our trunk full of freshly opened gifts, we made our way back home along East Roseville Parkway while listening to Christmas songs on the radio. We were talking excitedly, looking forward to Christmas morning and another day that would be spent with family when, out of the dark and hazy sky, what should appear but a tiny red dot, hovering above the rooftops.

“What is that?” I pondered aloud.

It was too low to be a plane and it wasn’t blinking, like a plane would. It was hovering strangely, seeming to keep pace with our car as we traveled along the surface streets.

Then it became clear. The only possible explanation for this unidentified flying object — of course! It had to be Santa Claus.

David and I looked at each other and instantly became 6-year-olds, mouths agape and eyes wide with the realization that we were watching Santa as he made his stops at children’s homes that Christmas Eve.

David tried to keep his eyes on the road as I glued mine to the red dot in the sky.
Eventually, however, the dot landed — on the roof of Sutter Roseville Medical Center. It was probably someone in dire need of medical attention, and I pray they got it that night.

But for several minutes, David and I truly believed.

I hope you find something that turns you into a kid again this Christmas. Happy holidays!

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune and Wesley's mom. Rosebuds, a column about parenting in Roseville, appears on Mondays.