Rosebuds: The name game

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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One of the top three questions people ask pregnant women is what names they have picked out for their baby.

My husband David and I can’t decide where to go for dinner on any given night — so deciding the name of another human being was a big deal for us!

We waited to discuss names until we knew the gender (there’s a good bunch of names eliminated right there).

What we decided to do was each come up with a list of contenders. We then read through our lists and attacked or defended the choices like we were attorneys in court.

“Thaddeus ... really?” I remember saying.

“Well, Thad for short,” my husband countered. “Can’t do Isaac.”

“Why not?” I objected.

“Two hard C sounds together: Isaac Carl,” he said.

We had a master list of names that appeared on both of our short lists and some names that survived the debate.

One name that was on that list and ended up being his middle name was Felix. That name is a nod to a family member, Felix Waitkus, who was the sixth pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic.

Somehow, we whittled it down to the final two: Simon or Wesley. We were going to wait until he popped out to make the final commitment, but somewhere in the final weeks I just knew he was a Wesley!

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Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune and Wesley's mom. Rosebuds appears on Mondays.