Rosebuds: Mixed messages

By: Michelle Carl, Press Tribune editor
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A reader e-mailed to point out that the jump for our story on teen substance abuse in our Aug. 17 edition appeared on the same page as a group ad for happy hours. The reader said something “just didn’t feel right about the proximity of these two items.” Unfortunately, it didn’t become apparent to me, either, until seeing the printed paper Wednesday morning. I also felt a little awkward about our banner story that same day about medical marijuana patients that want to continue growing their pot outside. We live in a society of contradictions. Kids are told to not drink, but see images of adults unwinding with a well-deserved cocktail after a long day. They’re told marijuana can be dangerous and addictive, but also a medicine for those coping with devastating illness. It’s difficult to navigate these mixed messages, but rest assured the Press Tribune wasn’t trying to lure young readers to drink. When a juxtaposition of advertising and editorial content leaves you uneasy, chances are it was purely accidental.