Rosebuds: Me-Ality a nice tool for post-baby clothes shopping

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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“I am no longer wearing maternity pants,” I declared a couple weekends ago, before shoving all my stretchy panel jeans and trousers into a plastic sack and tossing it into the garage.

I had finally rid my closet of the maternity wear I have lived in for months. But then the new problem: What am I going to wear now? I can’t pull my pre-baby skinny jeans past my thighs and I’ve had very little time to shop for new clothes for my new body.

So I was intrigued to try Me-Ality, the body scanning booth at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville that promises to end the “drama of the dressing room” by allowing shoppers to virtually try on thousands of items of clothing at once.

Here’s how it works: You enter the booth fully clothed and stand very still for 10 seconds while a machine rotates around you, taking 200,000 measurements of your body using radiowaves. Once you exit the booth, your size matching specialist will help you print out a list of garments and the sizes that would look good on you.

“There are no set measurements for a size,” said Salli Stayner, manager of the Roseville Me-Ality station. “You could be one size one place and another someplace else.”

I was particularly interested to see the denim suggestions. With so many brands, cuts, rises and leg styles, it’s frustrating and confusing for me to find the perfect jeans. And now that I’m a little wider in the hips and thicker in the middle, I have no clue what size I am.

But Me-Ality (short for “measured reality”) had a list of 10 different jeans from various brands and stores that were ideal for my proportions. So I rushed over to Macy’s to see if it worked. I grabbed suggestions from the Me-Ality list (including everything from pricey Paige denim to basic Levi’s) and also grabbed a few non-recommended brands and styles. The Me-Ality choices seemed to fit and flatter me a lot better than the other picks, some of which weren’t worth showing my shopping pal. I ended up buying my new favorite jeans — Levi’s Demi Curve I.D. skinny jeans. And guess what? They were a Me-Ality pick!

Oh, and if you bring the receipt back to the Me-Ality booth showing you purchased one of the items they recommended, you’ll score a gift card.

Stayner said many women are exposed to styles of pants they never thought they would look good in, such as skinnies or low rise, and stores they may have never been into thanks to Me-Ality.

And she said those losing weight (including new mommas) can get scanned multiple times as they transition to their ideal body.

 “I like to say it’s a time machine – it saves you time in the dressing room,” Stayner said.

And don’t us mommies need more of that?

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Press Tribune and Wesley’s mom. Rosebuds, a column about parenting in Roseville, appears Mondays online.