Rosebuds: I've got the baby crazies!

By: Michelle Carl, Press Tribune Editor
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I don't normally go ga-ga for babies.

I was never one to coo over a baby if one was in the room. If someone proudly extended their little bundle of joy to me and said, "Would you like to hold her?" I would respond with a polite, "Nah."

But something changed when I got pregnant. I have the baby crazies - and it's only getting worse as I approach my due date.

Every baby I see on TV or in the pregnancy literature I get from my doctor incites warm feelings in my belly. I go "awwww" at every picture of a little bald-headed jolly baby I see.

And now it's turned into baby stalking.

Our good friends had a baby boy earlier this month, and I have been logging onto Facebook obsessively to look at his picture. I finally got a chance to hold him last week and it only fueled my baby addiction!

I'm sure glad Mother Nature decided to flip my maternal switch in time for me to have a baby of my own!

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune. She is due with her first child, a boy, June 21. Rosebuds appears Thursdays online.