Rosebuds: DIY nursery art

By: Michelle Carl
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Here's a little project I worked on while I was waiting ... and waiting ... for the stork to come (seriously, I thought his GPS was broken!).

With all the cute cards you are likely to get for your baby shower, why not turn them into a collage and fill up the bare walls in your new baby's room?

You'll need:


X-ACTO knife

Glue stick

Wooden letter

Matted frame or shadowbox

  1. First, I sorted through the cards looking for pretty patterns such as plaid, polka dots. (Don't forget to look at the envelopes!) Cut out large squares and rectangles to serve as a backdrop for your collage.
  2. Next, glue them down onto a piece of paper a little larger than the size of the opening in your frame's mat.
  3. Go back through the cards looking for cute illustrations of animals, baby bottles, rattles, etc. to cut out with your knife. Some cards have three-dimensional pieces you can carefully pull off the card.
  4. Arrange them on the backdrop and then glue each one down.
  5. Use poster putty to stick the wooden first letter of your child's name in the middle. Stick it in a frame (make sure it's deep enough to accommodate the thickness of the letter) and you're done - an instant keepsake to remind you of all the love surrounding your child before he was even born!

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune and Wesley's mom. Rosebuds appears on Mondays.