Rosebuds: Best maternity clothes

By: Michelle Carl, Press Tribune Editor
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When I first saw a pair of $225 Citizens maternity jeans, I thought, are you joking?

My philosophy when it came to building a maternity wardrobe was I didn't want to invest a ton of money on clothing I would be wearing for less than nine months. So cheap was the way to go! Here's some items/stores I turned to when maternity clothes shopping.

"Under" and "Over" belly styles: I have both styles, but the over-the-belly sleeve was most comfortable and got the most use. I stopped wearing many of my "under" belly pants in the last months of pregnancy because they were no longer comfortable.

Target: They have cute, trendy tops and great basic T-shirts and tanks.

Gap: My favorite pair of pants has been black skinny pants with a "below the belly" waistband. They're great for work or casual, dressy outfits with flats or to wear like leggings with long tops. I also found my favorite pair of maternity jeans here. Once you get a handle on what sizes work for you, go to to find more styles in your size. Cruise by each time you're at the mall - you might find something fun in clearance.

Motherhood: The maternity store in the Galleria has some great, well-priced work pants. They even come in petite sizes (because preggos have better things to do than hem pants!). I got most of my work maternity wardrobe here.

Your friends: It must be a right of passage for moms to heap their used maternity clothes on a girlfriend who's "next in line" to give birth - and boy am I glad! I received most of my maternity wardrobe from moms that came before me. Mark the tags with your girlfriend's initials if she wants the clothes back for baby No. 2.

Your own closet: Try on those extra-long T-shirts and flouncy blouses - you may find they can accommodate your expanding belly. I wore lots of regular tops until I banished them to the "non-maternity" side of my closet.

What about you? Share your favorite maternity clothing items and stores in the comments below.


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Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune. She is due with her first child, a boy, June 21.