Rosebuds: 5 things pregnant women should never do

By: Michelle Carl
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We all know the litany of things you can't do while you're pregnant: drink wine, eat sushi, jump on trampolines. But there are some lesser-known ill-advised activities that I didn't realize were no-nos until I was pregnant myself.

1. Pregnant women should not see live theater - In the last trimester when you have to pee every 15 minutes, do not go to any live event where throngs of people will be using the bathroom during the same narrow window. At the intermission to "Wicked" I pushed aside a kid and a few other slow theater patrons so I could make it to the bathroom and back to my seat in time.

2. Pregnant women should not play Scrabble - Unless you can agree upon some kind of pregnancy handicap to offset the effects of prego brain.

3. Pregnant women should not watch "Dumbo" - This is a big one, especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The scene at the beginning where the stork forgets to bring Mrs. Jumbo her baby will make you think your baby will never come. Then you will sob with maternal pathos when the mama pachyderm is labeled a "mad elephant" for trying to protect her offspring. I seriously used up a box of tissues while watching this. Also, stop DVRing "A Baby Story" before the last trimester.

4. Pregnant women should not sing along to gangsta rap - Just because you know all the words to "Big Poppa," doesn't mean your unborn fetus needs to hear you sing it.

5. Pregnant women should not buy scented candles - Your favorite ocean breeze scented candle will suddenly smell like a rotting whale carcass. I still turn up my nose at certain smells (Hawaiian Aloha Febreeze) and foods (string cheese) I had an aversion to during pregnancy.

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune and Wesley's mom. Rosebuds is a blog about parenting and appears on Mondays.


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