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Stay tuned to Web site for photos, videos and more of Roseville residents atop city float
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Check this page often for updates on Roseville's entry in the 120th Tournament of Roses Parade. P-T editor Susan Belknap reports from Pasadena and writer Nathan Donato-Weinstein from Roseville. ********** The view from our televisions And there it was. I've just finished my story on Roseville's entry as seen on TV. You can find it here. Also, I'm interested to know what you thought of our little blogging experiment over the last two or so days. It's the second time we've done something like this -- the first was onElection Day, but I'd like some feedback. Did you find this useful? Would you like to see more of this type of thing for major events? Do you have any suggestions to make it better? Post a comment at the end of this article or email -Posted 10:45 a.m. Thursday by Nathan Donato-Weinstein ********** ABC update Writing my Rose Parade wrap up story just now, I looked up from my Word document at 9:58 a.m. just in time to see ABC running a bit of B-roll of Roseville's float -- with the closing credits overlaid on top of it. It was a front shot as the engine belched out its steam -- and was probably on TV for a second or two. So it looks like ABC didn't completely ignore the entry... Did anyone else catch that too? --Posted 10 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** OMG. OMG. OMG. First thoughts: I hope you weren't watching ABC. Did ABC seriously cut away from the Rose Parade prior to Roseville's amble past the cameras -- for a Rose Bowl preview -- only to return with entry No. 63 -- FTD -- two spots after Roseville? Are you serious? On the other hand, the float appeared on NBC, by my count, for 1 minute 22 seconds -- a pretty generous slot. I managed to pick out councilman John Allard almost falling out of the back of the passenger car. Also could make out councilwoman Carol Garcia, but not too much (side effect of my 13-inch TV). Who was the guy in the front? Stay tuned for more thoughts soon... -Posted 9:30 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Centennial events not over yet.... We're less than 10 entries away from Roseville's appearance in front of the cameras. So it seems a good time to remind everyone that this whole centennial hoopla isn't over after today. I don't have my centennial calendar in front of me -- blogging from home today -- but I do know, in a rose-related development, that a Jackson & Perkins -developed Roseville rose is to be unveiled later this spring at Green Acres Nursery. We hear less than 600 will be available. Stay tuned.... --Posted 9:15 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** What's on YOUR float? Here'sa link to 10 design features on Roseville's float. But what did the designer's miss? I'm curious what YOU would have put on Roseville's float -- either seriously or in jest. The Cosmos sculpture? A big Westfield sign? Tower Theatre? Go to the end of this blog and post a comment -- if you haven't signed up for a Placeropolis account yet, it just takes a sec. -Posted 9:10 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Too cool I have to admit, I'm kind of jealous the city's float couldn't integrate a skateboarding pit bull... -Posted 9 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | *********** Year of the kumquat? The bright little citrus seems to be everywhere this year. I've heard it singled out at least four times so far. Of course, it's also part of Roseville's float, as editor Susan Belknap explained in a story earlier this week.... -Posted 8:52 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | *********** Who's on the float? It's not just Roseville politicos who will be on the float today. You'll also see reps from major donors to the project (see below for the story on how Roseville paid for its $200k entry). For a refresher on the 16 float-riders, click here. -Posted 8:45 a.m. Thursday by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | *********** Uh oh... We're paying special attention to other California municipalities' floats today, an Mission Viejo's entry is pretty impressive. It includes a real pool (with "11-tons!" of water, as Al Roker exclaimed) with divers doing somersaults into the pool. Good thing we know Roseville already won its award... -Posted 8:30 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein ********** First thought of the day Does anyone else think that Al Roker and Nancy O'Dell look like they're being swallowed by decidedly unfriendly roses? -Posted at 8:15 a.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein ********** Roseville's float in other media outlets The Contra Costa Times has a nice article up that features Roseville Mayor Gina Garbolino in the lead. She talks about the centennial, former Rose Queen Margaret Huntley Main and the float's cost. (Favorite part: she "winced"!) You can find it here Also, check out Bee columnist Anita Creamer's delightful piece on Main here. -Posted 8 a.m. Jan. 1 by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Awards wrap-up Susan Belknap, in the grandstands since 6 a.m., phones in this bit of breaking news: Roseville's "Entertaining Dreams for a Century" float just won the Governor's Award for "best depiction of life in California." A quick Google search reveals the award went last year to the city of Anaheim (whose float was also built by Phoenix Decorating Co., which did Roseville's. -Posted 7:30 a.m. Jan. 1 by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Watching the parade It's here! After months of fundraising (and nonstop publicity), Roseville's float is lined up, and ready to go. You can view the parade live beginning at 8 a.m. on ABC, NBC, HGTV, Tribune, Univision, Telemundo, Travel Channel, Discovery HD Theater, Sky Link TV. I'll be monitoring NBC and ABC to see how the float looks on its national debut (well, almost -- see post below). Apparently, you can also watch the thing online at, but the site appears to be running pretty slow today. Don't forget -- if you're really into this (anyone having parade parties?) -- send us photos of your event to -Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** A quorum on the float When Roseville’s float slowly traverses Colorado Boulevard tomorrow in Pasadena, it will include all five of Roseville’s city council members. So we got to thinking – isn’t that considered a city council meeting, with notice requirements? Responding to a Press-Tribune inquiry, city spokeswoman Megan MacPherson said today the Brown Act – California’s open-meeting law – actually allows a gathering of elected officials such as this one. “We’re covered under the Brown Act for ceremonial and social gatherings, as long as they’re not discussing city business,” she said by phone Wednesday. “They’ll be smiling and waving the whole time.” We checked, and, sure enough, it’s in section 54952.2(c)(5). Read the complete text here -Posted by Nathan Donato-Weinstein at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday ********** Roseville's float on national TV already? Roseville’s float has apparently already been on national TV. Mayor Gina Garbolino tells me via phone that the legendary NBC weatherman Al Roker did a standup this morning with Roseville’s float as the backdrop. Roker didn’t talk about the float, but Garbolino did take the opportunity to meet him, she said. “He was walking around so I got my courage up and went up to him,” she said. Garbolino adds she and councilman Jim Gray have been doing interviews with local TV and radio; those who walk by the float, she said, have been pretty much taken with it. “People here love our float,” she said. Roseville’s float is now finished, and judging is slated to take place at 3 p.m. – with all the float riders in place. Garbolino said the float’s “steam engine” is producing steam, and its wheels are turning successfully. They’ll do a test run later to make sure the oak tree stands up correctly. She and the other riders have an early day tomorrow – they must assemble at 5 a.m. for the 8 a.m. start time. Garbolino says she’ll be up at 3:30 a.m. That means no partying too heartily tonight. “I am not seeing midnight,” she said. “I’m going to be asleep by then.” -Posted 11 a.m. Wednesday by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** New reports from Pasadena Press-Tribune Editor Susan Belknap just posted a great the video (HERE) from Pasadena, this one with details on Day 3 of the float-building effort. It's definitely worth the watch, and includes a tour of the float (largely done!) with some really cool details you won't be able to see on TV. She also filed the following report below late Tuesday. A reminder: Be sure to check this page Thursday morning for a live blog of the televised event from me in Roseville. And don't forget to send pictures of the event (if you're there) or of your viewing party (if you're having one) to I'll post them online during the two-hour telecast. -Posted by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Roseville float nears completion as unofficial judging gets underway PASADENA - Hours before the unofficial judging began this afternoon, Roseville's float was almost complete. What a transformation we have all witnessed since arriving in Pasadena Sunday afternoon. It's amazing what can be accomplished when so many people work together. As I strolled through the aisles in the float barn this afternoon I was amazed at the number of volunteers stationed at Roseville's float in comparison to some of the others. There was not much room to move around near our position because of so many volunteers. And the best part about all these volunteers and everyone we've met down here is how excited they all are to be here. Roseville resident Paula Knuthson said she's always looked forward to watching the Rose Parade for as long as she can remember. When she heard Roseville was going to have a float entry she said she was ready to come to Pasadena. "I've never had an opportunity to do something like this," she said. Bob McCarthy, also from Roseville said working on the float has been "a dream come true." "Last year I went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and this year it is the Rose Parade," he said. That seems to be the attitude of everyone I've talked to. Even the people who live here in Pasadena are proud to be able to show off their city during this time each year. From what we understand, Wednesday morning all the floats will come out of the barn or warehouse position in order for final judging to occur. Then the process of putting all the float entries in their parade order will begin. Once in position the floats will remain outside on the streets until the parade begins at 8 a.m. Thursday morning. The people who will be riding on the Roseville float were told to be ready in their positions by 5 a.m. Thursday morning. Guess they won't be out late New Years Eve! -Susan Belknap | ********** Who's paying for Roseville's float? When officials announced Roseville was going to seek an entry in the Rose Parade, the immediate question was, What’s it gonna look like? Which was quickly followed by, How much? The estimated price tag -- $200,000 – was nothing to sneeze at. But officials said no city funds would be spent on the float. Now, just days before the event, it appears the city has largely met its fundraising goal. City documents show a total of $190,515 has been collected in either pledged or received donations; the list is incomplete because it includes only large and medium-sized donors, not sources such as the city’s “pennies for the parade” spare-change drive. The list of donors includes some large employers and developers. Union Pacific has donated $50,000, United Auburn Indian Community has donated $25,000 and both Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health have pledged $15,000. Galleria operator Westfield, the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and the development firm responsible for the (stalled) Placer Ranch development donated at least $10,000 each. Longtime Roseville stalwarts are also represented. The Denio’s flea market donated $1,000 (family patriarch Ken Denio was among the first to donate), and the Roseville Historical Society donated $250. City officials have repeatedly said employees and members of the city council, who will be riding in the float, are paying their own way (though presumably city media staffers who are slated to film the whole thing are on the clock). But it’s assumed the float had some cost to the city, at least represented in the amount of staff time spent on the prodigious organizing for the event. --Posted 12/30/08 at 8:30 p.m. by Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** New video posted We've posted the second video from Pasadena with behind-the-scenes footage of the preparation of the float. View it here. Click here to see the first video in the series posted Sunday from Pasadena Press-Tribune travels to Pasadena -Susan Belknap | ********** Viewers can vote for fave entry Taking a page from American Idol, Rose Parade officials announced last week viewers will be able to vote online for the first-ever "viewers' choice award." A news release states viewers will be able to vote here after the parade to cast a vote for their favorite entry. But you'd better hurry -- the voting takes place only between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday. Voters will be able to vote on all 43 eligible floats, the news release stated. The winner will be announced Jan. 2. -Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** More photos online from Monday float building The Press-Tribune's editor Susan Belknap has posted new photos from Monday's activities in Pasadena. Go here to check out the action from inside the float-building barn. - Nathan Donato-Weinstein | ********** Just one more day to finish float Editor Susan Belknap filed this report Monday night PASADENA - The day began early for work on Roseville's float today. My daughter Ashley and I began our shift as volunteers at 8 a.m. Our first assignment was to cut thousands of dried mums into teeny, tiny pieces. These pieces were later to be mixed with a bit of glue and pasted on various parts of the float. We finished our first batch in no time at all. But upon turning our box full of millions of pieces of crushed flowers we were informed there were thousands more to be cut! As the day wore on, the activity and excitment was growing as we discovered the floats must all be complete by 11 p.m. Dec. 30. That's when the judging takes place and after that, the floats begin to get in line for the parade. It is quite a process. But, no worries, everything appears to be under control. We even had volunteers walking thoughout the float with water bottle misters, spraying the flowers to keep them as fresh as possible. I guess no one anticipated the Pasadena weather to be in the mid 70s this time of year. After a quick lunch we were back to work, this time on the right hand side of the float where we precariously worked on a small ledge area placing individual pieces of fern on the float. In between the areas of fern would go the colorful Gerber daisys and roses. We learned that with float decorating it's best to work from the top down so as not to destroy the lower portion with foot traffic. And speaking of traffic, we learned to look before you move. There are volunteers everywhere: on scafolding above, inside the train area, perched in the most uncomfortable places imaginable, just to get the entire float covered with flowers! At the end of the day, it was rewarding to see how much we had accomplished and to watch our float turn into a flower wonderland. Can't wait for tomorrow! -Susan Belknap |