Rodeos torture for spectacle

Reader Input
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AAAA — Auburn’s Annual Animal Abuse spectacle is coming to town. If you enjoy watching animals tortured, tormented, and terrorized, then the Auburn Rodeo is for you. If you’re real lucky, you might witness horses or cattle so traumatized that they “stall” at the chute — frozen in fear. Shame on those animals for spoiling the show — they will be dutifully shocked! Gotta give credit to those rodeo promoters — they know how to torture animals for a money-making show. Heck, they’ll even tell the crowd, over and over, how much the animals love it. The truth is that rodeo promoters must demonize these animals to make the crowd accept the cruelty. No legitimate rancher ever subjects valuable farm animals to such stressful exploitation. Rodeo must be banned or boycotted. Katie Cather, Loomis