Roccucci deserves return engagement

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These days city governments all over California are grimly facing higher costs for public services and at the same time they are coping with thinner budgets. The best help and advice those cities can get will come from their most experienced local leaders who’ve already dealt with such challenges successfully in the past. That’s why, as a Sun City Roseville resident, I’m delighted to see the name Pauline Roccucci as a candidate for Roseville City Council. Those with a good memory will recall how, years ago, both as councilwoman and mayor, Pauline skillfully guided Roseville through some lean budgets and financially trying times, while simultaneously protecting Roseville’s quality of life. In recent years, Pauline’s husband, Richard, as city councilman, gained his own reputation as “statesmenlike” in doing the same. As he steps down from the council, Pauline has once again said she is willing to pick up the gauntlet. With Pauline Roccucci back on Council, Roseville residents can take heart in knowing they’ll have a seasoned leader who can stare a mean budget in the face and say, “Been there, done that, ready to tackle it again!” She does deserve a return engagement. Frank Hopkins, Roseville