Roadway projects planned for Roseville

City View
By: Jim Gray, Mayor of Roseville
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Several major roadway projects are upcoming and ongoing in the city of Roseville. These projects are anticipated to improve traffic flow, reduce vehicle emissions and attract business and visitors from around the region. Construction is estimated to begin this fall on Riverside Avenue. Riverside will be redesigned to reflect a more pedestrian-friendly environment, including new on-street parking configurations, improved pedestrian crossings and new sidewalks. Street frontage landscaping will also be updated to contribute to the new look, function and feel of Riverside Avenue. This project will take approximately 14 months to complete using $8 million of Redevelopment Agency funds. Phase 1 of the Interstate 80 widening project was completed last summer, adding an auxiliary lane on eastbound I-80 from Riverside Avenue to Douglas Boulevard. Phase 2 of the project is anticipated to begin this month, with a two-year timeline to extend existing carpool lanes from Sacramento County to just west of Eureka Road in both east and westbound directions. Auxiliary lanes will also be added between interchanges to allow a smoother entrance from the freeway. Funding for this project is covered by federal funding, developer fees, state and local roadway funds and Proposition 1B funds. Improvements along Cirby Way from Foothills Boulevard to Riverside Avenue began in early May and are estimated for completion in December. The Cirby Way Improvement Project will add dual-right turn lanes at the intersection of Cirby Way and Riverside Avenue, a two-lane on-ramp to I-80 toward Sacramento, and dual-left turn lanes at Cirby Way and Melody Lane, Cirby Way and Vernon Street, and Cirby Way and Foothills Boulevard. Expanded turn lanes allow for increased traffic circulation and improvements will cut down on emissions created from vehicles idling at intersections. The total estimated cost of $15 million to complete this project will be covered by $13 million in traffic mitigation fees paid for by new development, and $1.8 million in gas tax funds. The widening of Pleasant Grove Boulevard at Highway 65, begun in April, adds a new loop on-ramp from southwest bound Pleasant Grove to southbound Highway 65. Motorists who get on and off Highway 65 at Pleasant Grove Boulevard will see a significant improvement in traffic flow at this interchange. Construction is estimated to wrap up in November at an estimated total cost of $10 million paid for by Highway 65 Joint Powers Authority fees, the North Central Specific Plan Community Facilities District, traffic mitigation fees and Proposition 1B funds. For details and about these and other roadway projects, visit, or call 746-1300.