Residents’ opinions ignored at MAC meeting

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Regarding the public’s opinion on the modification of the Granite Bay Community Plan: County Board of Supervisor Kirk Uhler and the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council seem to value the opinions of the residents of Granite Bay at 44 cents. The vast majority of the residents of Granite Bay do not know that a Community Plan exists and that land uses are strictly defined. It is the official Placer County governing document, detailing goals, policies, standards and most important, proposals that guide changes in our community. The plan was designed to be utilized by Placer County Board of Supervisors as a guide in the decision making process. Most residents do not know, or have been led to believe that the Community Plan needs updating and yet, according to the Placer County Board of Supervisors documents, it was updated in 1989, 1995, and 1996 and again in June 2005. It is once again being re-evaluated, ostensibly because it is outdated, is being led by Supervisor Uhler and the members of the Granite Bay MAC, all of whom Uhler appointed to the position. Currently, the goals of Uhler and the MAC are being questioned by a small number of residents. The general consensus at these meetings is slow growth and the maintenance of the rural atmosphere of Granite Bay. Newer grass roots organizations like the Residents Defending Granite Bay have risen to challenge Uhler’s pro growth, pro development position. Because most Granite Bay residents do not even know that there is a MAC there are very few residents who take an active interest in the ongoing controversy. Residents’ opinions are critical to any community plan. Reaching out to the community to sample those opinions is a mandate for any elected or appointed official. It appears that the real motivation of Supervisor Uhler and his self appointed MAC is the expansion of commercial development of Granite Bay. Uhler and the Granite Bay MAC see our community as a “resource.” Garland Bell, Granite Bay