Remember our fallen

By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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FYI Memorial Day Ceremony Monday, May 25 2-3 p.m. WWII Monument, 114 Vernon St. To some it’s simply a day off from school or a day out of the office. But for those who’ve lost loved ones answering the call of duty, Monday is a day of remembrance. This year’s Memorial Day ceremony will celebrate and honor the Roseville citizens who fought in WWII, the Korean or Vietnam wars but did not return. According to veteran’s advocate and longtime resident John Piches, during WWII more than 1,000 men enlisted but 37 never returned home. Their names are preserved on a veteran’s monument in Royer Park. In the Korean War, 320 enlisted and in the Vietnam War, 180 left home to fight. From those two wars, two soldiers never returned from Korea, eight didn’t make it home from Vietnam. In Monday’s ceremony, Roseville will also recognize the historical accomplishments during WWII of the 4,420 submarine crewmembers buried at sea in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Chaplain Jim Patterson will conduct the Memorial Day ceremony with a special presentation by Col. Delyle Redmond, Roseville’s highest decorated soldier.A live band will play patriotic tunes including “Call to Colors” and “This is My Country.”