Recognizing Youth: Student shares stories to combat bullying

By: Russell Postell
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We want to recognize Granite Bay High School senior Paige Finkemeier, who is an honor student and Student Body President. More importantly she is leading the development of a high profile campaign “What’s your story,” based on the famous quote: “It’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.”

Paige and many other students have built a program centered on anti-bullying.

“What I wanted to see happen at school and around the community is for people to become aware that everyone has something going on in their personal life that influences their behavior, thoughts and feelings every day,” Paige said. “I feel that when people understand that one’s story will explain why someone does a certain action, they will be able to graciously see past one mere action or attitude and realize that there is more to a person than what they see at that moment.”

Through this awareness campaign, Paige and the members of “What’s your story” truly believe that they and the staff at Granite Bay High School can build an atmosphere of comfort and safety throughout the school, which is something that is not always a part of every student’s life. They seek to understand the stories of others and ensure that school is a place where they can learn and grow in a safe environment of understanding.

Paige’s care for others carries on into her future dreams as she aspires to become a nurse for newborns in intensive care.

“I want to be there for the babies and families that are not fortunate enough to start healthy. I feel it is such a critical time in a human being’s life that I will be able to have a larger impact in the lives of not only the babies, but the parents and extended family of the ill newborn.”

Paige is a real example of our values: Improve the life of one person each day. We extend a great amount of appreciation and recognition to Paige and the students of “What’s your story” for their efforts in improving our community.

Russell Postell is an agent with Postell Insurance in Granite Bay. Recognizing Youth is a monthly column highlighting the accomplishments of local students. E-mail your student’s accomplishment to