Reader Input: Who wants to be taxed triple?

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It is very interesting to me as I received a very large, 8.5-by-11-inch mailer, sent out by the Committee against Measure K, those who want to raise Newcastle Fire Protection District  taxes. Quote from their meeting,  Sept. 21, 2011: “the board discussed the option of setting $150 as the base tax for the upcoming ballot measure.”
This would roughly triple the amount being collected at this time! That’s what they did on the March 2012 ballot to pass Measure B. In other words, everyone’s homes would be taxed triple. The same applied to any other parcel you may own, plus Measure F, plus the 1 percent that comes from your property taxes that goes back to Newcastle Fire Dept.
If you own a home, under the Measure B — $220.46 — plus two additional parcels $320 (2012-2013). New fire taxes are forever, plus they CPI of up to 3 percent compared to (2011-2012). Your total both pieces of property: $84.
What is fascinating about this mailer? Supporters: Jim Holmes, supervisor, not a resident; 2. Kathleen Daugherty, school, ot a resident; 3. Newcastle Business Association, many are renters; 4. Joanne Neft, not a resident (landlord) she can collect her fire fee. Those who raise animals on their land cannot; 5. A second mailer came in a few days from “Western Placer County Fire Chiefs Association.” Well, of course they all are in favor of higher taxes, more for themselves. However, I noticed Chief (Ian) Gow from Meadow Vista tried to raise a million and that failed; 6. Vote yes on K. Time has come that the land owners cannot afford all these desires of the public servants.
Please stop taxing us to death! Enough!
ROGER HAY, Newcastle