Reader Input: Who funded mailer?

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Most Roseville residents have read about the FPPC suing the group in Arizona that contributed $11 million to support/oppose California initiatives, yet failed to report their donors and expenditures as required by California campaign disclosure laws. And Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was fined $37,500 for not reporting donations he solicited.

However, most Roseville voters are not aware that a local group did the same thing in Roseville. A group calling themselves the League of Placer County Taxpayers formed on Oct. 3, 2012, falsely pretending to be the original League formed in 1972, which disbanded in 2010. The new League published three mailers, two of which made false accusations against council candidate Phil Ozenick, and the third urged support for Carol Garcia and Bonnie Gore. Yet the group failed to file the required FPPC reports prior to the election, listing their donors and expenditures to enable voters to know who was paying for the mailers.

A complaint was filed with the FPPC, and the group filed late reports on Dec. 4, almost a month after the election, still without disclosing the major donors behind the ads.

The two mailers opposing Ozenick contained primarily blatant lies or misrepresentations. This is the most disgusting and evil character assassination I have ever seen. Why? Why is this shadow group so afraid of Ozenick being on the City Council that they were willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to keep him from being elected?

But the more important question: Who is next? Me, for filing a complaint? Any one of you, for any reason whatsoever?

This is indeed a sad day in Roseville’s history, and likely portends more of the same in the future.

Jack D. Wallace, Roseville