Reader Input: Where’s Romney’s solution?

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In listening to comments from Mr. Romney I see criticism of what President Obama has failed to accomplish, however I have yet to hear Mr. Romney’s solution. The only explicit solution he has proposed is in line with his best friend Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance that it is time to start a war with Iran sooner than later, and who has inserted himself into the presidential campaign.

Just as I predicted that when G.W. Bush was elected the United States would start a war with Iraq the same situation exists if Mr. Romney is elected. This way any and all solutions to the current economic problems the Republicans promise to cure would be swept under the rug using the war as an excuse. Also in all probability as with the Bush administration all costs covering the war would be excluded from the budget deficit.

We have had enough bloodshed the past 10 years to last a lifetime and it is now time as President Obama has done to hold down the extremists controlling Israel’s aggressive actions toward Iran. We are not talking politics here but common steps to avoid another costly and unnecessary war.

Gene Martineau, Roseville