Reader Input: We need a government housecleaning

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Reading Hailie Ingman's comments of March 2 (“Corporations should pay their fair share”), I figured letting tripe pass, but reconsidering, felt I must respond. This attitude, Hailie's rhetoric, is killing the nation and state. Governors, Chambers of Commerce of other states realize the folly that has been perpetrated upon California, that businesses are leaving in droves. Why? Because of excess taxes and regulations forced upon businesses of this once fine state.

Other states, such as Texas, recognizing the taxes and regulations here, are competing to drain businesses that in the past flourished. California is among the highest-taxed. Unemployment is higher that the national average – I cringe thinking of the number in this state collecting food stamps. Yet we blindly continue to send representatives to Sacramento who solely seek power and wealth.

California be damned. What we need is a thorough housecleaning of those in government, sending to the federal and state government elected officials who demonstrate responsibility and ethics. Average families, when faced with financial difficulties, don't irresponsibly go out and create larger debts! It appears we as a society have relinquished the ideals of "personal responsibility" for an attitude of “everyone else owes me.” What a shame.

Bob Nielsen, Roseville