Reader Input: Water Wise service great

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I want to tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the Water Wise program that the city of Roseville implemented and brought to my house this month.

We received a notice on the doorknob a couple of weeks ago identifying our house as having increased water usage above our regular average for the past several months. The notice suggested that we call for a free Water Wise House-call to have a water usage expert come to inspect our house for possible leaks. We called the number on the notice and were given an appointment within a week.

Our water usage expert, Robert, came at the appointed time and did a thorough inspection of our house and water lines. He identified a leak in the backyard sprinkler system that I was not aware of. In addition, he replaced the flappers in each of our toilets saying that toilets are often a source of leaks when the flappers get old. He then gave us additional tips on how to save water and receive rebates for water-saving home improvements. We were very impressed with the program as well as Robert’s knowledge and professionalism.

James MacEgan, Roseville