Reader input: Thanks for the comments

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Thank you Paul Piercy for your comments (“People pay for incompetence,” Reader Input, March 29), they are very true. I’ll tell you, I don’t have any problem being called a crackpot. It is the same thing I call the “nanny state liberals” out there.
I’m an independent voter that has had enough of both parties. I don’t think the current administration, or the one preceding his, has a corner on the truth at all. I am just so tired of Mister Obama’s demagoguery, I want to puke. If ever there was a “poll driven president,” he is the poster child. His idea of being a leader is to check which way the wind is blowing before saying anything.
The president’s supporters have become so enamored with bigger government at any cost, they don’t realize they are enslaving us all. (On the other hand, maybe they do). The libs fail to see where the money to run the government comes from, and that is the private sector.
Government does not contribute anything to the prosperity of the nation, unless it gets out of the way of free enterprise. I don’t see that happening with this administration. Bailouts are not sustainable, pure and simple. The best way to get the economy moving is to cut taxes to zero for start-up businesses.
Thank you to all for your comments and welcome criticisms and castigation. I may have said something that was over the top, but I think it reflects the frustration of a great many of us. Did someone expect an apology?
Thomas Mann, Auburn