Reader Input: Taxpayer group founder speaks out

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There’s something fishy going on in the Roseville City Council race.

It appears that Kirk Uhler, a longtime lobbyist with a record of questionable ethics and hostility towards taxpayers, has engineered an effort to try and rehabilitate his tainted image and influence the outcome of the election for Roseville City Council.

Over the last few weeks, fliers have been showing up in the mailboxes of Roseville City residents carrying “The League of Placer County Taxpayers” name and referencing a history dating back to 1972 — signed by Uhler and others, attacking one of the League’s longtime members and most steadfast allies (Press Tribune, Nov. 2).

Here’s the problem — the original leadership of the league never authorized any such mailings. And we never would. I would know. I founded “The League of Placer County Taxpayers” and served as its president for most of the last 40 years.

Those who know the original league also know it was proposed for dissolution.

The League of Placer County Taxpayers that I formed in 1972 earned a reputation for honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. We fought to limit county politician pay, pass Proposition 13, and to expose wasteful spending, cronyism, and corruption by local politicians-including Mr. Uhler’s own ethical lapses and full-throated support for the now infamous “Supervisor’s Slush Fund.”

The leadership of the original “League of Placer County Taxpayers” has made no endorsements, nor authorized any fliers to be sent in the race for Roseville City Council.

This scandal has been a stunning reminder of the importance of impartial taxpayer advocacy to the people of this community. As taxpayers, we have worked too hard, and accomplished too much these past 40 years to allow efforts that undermine our name and legacy to go unchallenged.

Wally Reemelin, Meadow Vista