Reader Input: Support Prop. 30

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Our schools were cut by $20 billion statewide over the past four years, resulting in larger classes, shorter school years, reduced programs, higher tuition, and the loss of 30,000-plus teachers.

Without Proposition 30, districts will be forced to reduce school days, programs, services and more jobs will be lost. The Eureka School District will be cut by $419.28 per student, Roseville Elementary School District will be cut by $419.75 per student, and Roseville High School District will be cut by $505.41 per student and our universities will be cut by $1 billion. In contrast, Proposition 38 will not spare these cuts, and will not fund higher education.

Proposition 30, is a temporary sales tax increase of 0.25 percent (.25¢ per $100) and income tax applying to individuals earning $250,000 or $500,000/jointly. Funds will be secured in an Education Protection Account, audited annually. In contrast, Proposition 38 will increase the income tax for everyone, even those earning less than $15,000/year!

Proposition 30 stops cuts, pays off $10 billion debt to schools and provides funding to better educate our future work force. As a mom, small business owner and community member, please join me in investing in our California, by supporting Proposition 30.

Laura Schultz, Roseville