Reader input: Stranger’s kindness brightens day

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I think most of us can relate to a bad day, or rather a series of negative, stressful circumstances that seem to endlessly persist and give one a sense of foreboding. Occasionally the world just takes on a dreary appearance and bumping into others of a similar attitude makes you wonder “where’d all the good people go?” as Jack Johnson so famously quipped.
Well, I will tell you, they are out there. I had an experience so completely uplifting that I felt the need to pass it on.
Here I was in Big 5, stressed out and buying two sets of baseball gear for my little guys, meanwhile chasing after my wild daughter. In the midst of this chaos stood a quiet stranger, observing all of this hullabaloo. She said nothing as I apologized for what I perceived as getting in her way.
Before she left the store, she handed my husband a card for store credit, telling him to buy something for the kids. He tried to politely refuse, but she quickly made her departure. As she exited, she turned back at the doorway and smiled, then disappeared.
We didn’t know the full impact of this kindness except in retrospect because, as we proceeded to pay for our mound of baseball apparel, we were informed that we could stop digging for credit cards as we owed nothing. In fact, we had further store credit remaining on the gifted card. The kind-hearted stranger had bestowed upon us $75 worth of store credit!
Her reasons and motivations will never be known, but the effects of her kindness and generosity pervade. I felt lifted from my stressed out, negative attitude and my day took on a sunnier hue. My step was a little lighter and my formerly declining faith in humanity was restored. If she is out there and reading this, we would like to say a big thank you – not just for the money but more so for the act. Our lives were touched and made a little bit brighter. Thank you.
Melissa Owen, Alta