Reader Input: Story taps into concerns

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Wait a minute — are you telling me that Roseville has agreed to pay $140,000 for more mass medication? (Press Tribune, Oct. 19.) Fluoride, a poison, will continue to be dumped into our drinking water? Fluoride, the hazardous waste caused by the phosphate industry (fertilizers) who then sell the substance to be used in drinking water so they do not have to pay for hazardous waste disposal? Is this the fluoride we are talking about?

How mass medication became legal in America astounds me. What medication can “they” decide to use next?

A toothbrush costs less than a dollar ($0.88 on Amazon, and I am sure the city could get them cheaper) —  more than 100,000 toothbrushes could be distributed to those in need, and maybe have the other $40,000 in a fund to actually provide some dental care. According to the city, we only have about 122,000 citizens — shoot everybody could have a toothbrush!

How many citizens in Roseville cannot afford a toothbrush? I do not believe that just because a family is of lower income that they do not choose self hygiene. I find that philosophy offensive and not worthy of our City Council.

There are many new studies out there indicating that mass medicated water does not prevent tooth decay; yet it does, most certainly cause many ill health effects in a significant portion of the population.

The ADA supported fluorinated water in 1950. Sixty two years later, we may need to step beyond dogma and be OK with change.  Bravo to the Fioravanti family for trying to help us all.

A Fellow Fluoride Filtering Momma,
Debra Akeson, Roseville