Reader Input: Stop picking on neighbors

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Re: “In-home businesses have direct appeal in Roseville,” (Press Tribune, Dec. 21).

This comment is directed especially to Jim and Barbara Ferguson of Hidden View Lane, and to others like them, who obviously have no life, no hobbies, no nothing in their pitiful lives so they gain all their enjoyment by seeing how much misery they can cause others. I’ve seen it over and over again, people who complain if their neighbor’s lawn is ¼-inch too high, if they don’t like the neighbor’s choice of shrubs, the shade of green of the grass, music too loud, dog poop, barking, etc. I just don’t understand why if they don’t like city life they don’t move to some remote location as say Pahrump, Nevada, where the only neighbors are sagebrush and wind. Period.

They have to harass their neighbors, who like so many others are just trying to earn an honest living in a ridiculously hard economic time. I wonder what they’d do if they had a crackhouse or house of prostitution next door. Sadly, there are more people like the Fergusons than there are these who practice biblical philosophies like, “Live and let live,” and then they wonder “why” the doomsday prophesies. Heaven forbid a neighbor should bake cookies or make jam to sell at a farmer’s market or sell Mary Kay/Avon from their own home the Fergusons would probably have a stroke. To these breed of humans, I would say make sure your own house/life are in order, and upright before picking on others.

Vickie Vera, Loomis