Reader Input: School dress code should be enforced

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I would like to draw attention to an important issue that is being swept under the rug. Our children. Specifically their clothing during the warm weather.

I am a parent of a middle-sc hooler in Roseville. I have noticed that the dress code for the girls is not being enforced. I see 11-14 year old children wearing shorts/skirts/dresses in-tended for college-age women. The dress code for this school states that all shorts/skirts/dresses must be mid-thigh in length.
Currently, our children are wearing inappropriate clothes for school. The shorts are cutting right below the buttocks. I have observed young girls kneeling down to tie their shoes wearing these shorts and in doing such have clearly displayed their undergarments and/or body parts! How did this become acceptable? I addressed a school official to see where the disconnect is. He commented that the length in shorts has been an ongoing battle at the middle school and that every year the school sends a letter to the parents addressing it.

My question is, is that enough? That seems like minimal effort to uphold the rules and protect our children from a place where our kids spent most of their days. I’m shocked! Have we stopped paying attention to our kids? Have we become too busy to put their well-being first? I know I haven’t and hope that the schools and parents will stop, pay attention and do what is right by our children.

Nalani Ramirez, Roseville