Reader input: Save honking for emergencies

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As I was driving east on Bell Road and just starting my turn onto Professional Drive, a young mother and her son started crossing the road in front of me. My light turned green before they began crossing the street. I looked toward the light that told them to go or stay I saw a red hand blinking indicating that they should not be crossing.
As I waited for them to cross, I heard a loud honk behind me. Then the young mother in front of me yelled some ugly words either in my direction or to the woman behind me, words that I would be ashamed to say in front of my children.
One could argue that the woman behind me was using her horn as a way of warning the young mother and her son of the danger, but I don’t think that was the case since I had clearly stopped and was halting traffic from going forward.
No, the woman was merely expressing her displeasure and desiring in her own way to make the young mother pay for the inconvenience — a feeble attempt to mete out punishment.
I know that I have not always been as courteous as a driver as I should have been, and I see the effects of age that dog my driving now as I get older.
The people of Auburn are usually very kind and thoughtful drivers, and even though our roads are getting even busier than they once were, I ask that you take a breath, exhale, smile and be courteous. He who has not had driving foible may loudly honk his horn, but please don’t unless it is a true emergency.
Robert Vaughan, Auburn