Reader input: Research what you object to

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Ms. Wade, (“Enough with crackpot letters,” Reader Input, March 28) while the easy thing to do is cancel your subscription and go bury your head in the sand — is that really what you want to do?
Instead, why not go and research that which you object to? Why not research what you believe in and see if you still in fact, believe it? I have researched your president and unfortunately, there are far too many parallels to evil leaders of past history, for me to feel comfortable with him as our president.
I see the Auburn Journal make a good attempt to balance the letters they receive. Have you not noticed the letters that they have printed against President Bush, and more locally, Tom McClintock? Do you, Ms. Wade, feel you can dish it out, but cannot take it, and therefore want to cancel your subscription? How tolerant is that, or is it in fact, hate filled?
Peggy McCray, Auburn