Reader input: Recall them all after fiscal cliff fiasco

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What was allowed to happen last night at midnight was unimaginable and unconscionable. To allow radical politics on both sides to have that kind of influence and power over government is wrong and unacceptable. The basis of a democratic government is compromise. I knew that whatever kind of deal was hammered out was not going to be pretty or one sided, but I expected them to do their job and come up with something.
Instead they kicked the can down the road and this time over a cliff. Had they been in the military and allowed something like this to happen they would have been tried and convicted of treason and placed before a firing squad.
Since this is not an option, I say we should and must recall them all, from Barack Obama right on down. We sent them to Washington to do a job and they failed miserably and need to be fired. They are nothing but weak-kneed, self- indulgent, self-absorbed cowards who would allow this great country to go to hell before ever placing their own self interests in jeopardy.
It won’t be easy or pretty, but we must do this. Recall them all, recall them all now. At least that way the next group will place country before self.
Joe Lorang, Dutch Flat