Reader Input: Reader appreciates perks, oversight

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How ironic that Dave Imgrund’s letter “Ask not what Washington can do for you” (Reader Input, Oct. 30) came out in the same Auburn Journal issue as news of the “storm of the century.”
Just a reminder to Dave and others: Thank God for emergency responders — fire, police, FEMA, National Guard and all the other “socialist,” government agencies that are there when needed.
Thank God the Federal government has put restrictions on Wall Street. Thankfully government agencies have imposed new regulations on banks and other mortgage lenders that were involved in morally corrupt practices. Letting big money corporations and institutions decide what is best for our nation and people is like letting the fox in the hen house. They can only be trusted to keep an interest in what will bring in bigger profits.
Can you honestly believe that industrial polluters will voluntarily impose self-restrictions on polluting our water and air? If this is socialism, then there are obviously some very good and necessary socialist practices.
Like everything else in life, it is about keeping it all in balance. By the way, I am proud of our president’s leadership in handling this current crisis and in setting into motion all the “socialist” government agencies that are helping to ease this unprecedented national catastrophe.
Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley