Reader Input: Race has been acrimonious

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I have been following the Eureka Union School Board elections very closely this year, and though my children are no longer in the district, I (as we all should) still have a vested interest in the quality of education in our community.

The acrimony in this current election process extends far beyond what this letter can contain, but I wish to express my sincere concerns regarding the improper use of student directory information by not only a current sitting school board member, but by the board of the Maidu/Excelsior PTC as well (Press Tribune, Oct. 12). As a past PTC president of both Maidu and Olympus schools, I find it absolutely inexcusable that personal information would be shared for the purpose of promoting a specific candidate for the school board. Certainly one would expect a school board member to know that distribution of this list for any personal reasons is a direct violation of the bylaws. The fact that the board member and the president of Maidu/Excelsior PTC are husband and wife is even more disturbing and one would think that there would be extra sensitivity regarding any implication of impropriety. This flies in the face of the transparency, objectivity and accountability that they tout as reasons to vote for their candidate.

That is why I support Ryan Jones and Renee Nash for Eureka Union School Board. They have the leadership and integrity to bring our district to the quality that it is expected to be.

Nancy Glatt, Roseville