Reader Input: Ozenick under attack

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I am writing in response to recent letters to the editor and related mailings about Phil Ozenick. He is the chairman of Friends of Roseville (FORE) and is a candidate for the Roseville City Council.
Phil has come under what appears to be totally coordinated attacks. One letter was from Jeanette Crabb, who appeared to have some vague moment in time in which she apparently heard him say he brought NEC to Roseville, but that it was her husband Harry Crabb who took “a phone call in the night.” (Reader Input, Oct. 12)
That letter was followed by one from Del Stephenson, perennial toadie of city management, from whom the city has purchased several downtown properties. He claimed that Phil had nothing to do with bringing Amtrak back to Roseville (Reader Input, Oct. 19). But the city’s own website on  Roseville history states that in 1987 Mayor Phil Ozenick hand-carried a 12-page report to Amtrak officials in Washington D.C. which included a petition signed by over 12,000 area residents requesting a passenger stop in Roseville. Those are the facts. But facts are not what Harry Crabb had in mind when he and his seven cohorts — Claudia Gamar Heinlein, Al Johnson, Jim Gray, Susan Rohan, Kirk Uhler, John Allard and Gina Garbolino — had in mind when on Oct. 6 they signed a hit piece with pretty much the same accusations against Phil Ozenick to be distributed in Sun City.
Citizens of Roseville, are you proud of your erstwhile and current Roseville leaders for such a dirt bag action? Vote for an honest and respectable man. Vote for Phil Ozenick.
Theresa McInnes, Roseville