Reader input: Ozenick puts citizens first

Letter to the editor
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While all of the candidates for Roseville City Council have their individual merits and strengths, I believe there is only one candidate who is uniquely qualified to serve.

Phil Ozenick has been a leader in our community for over 30 years. As a councilmember and mayor, he implemented many of the programs and amenities that we now take for granted. For instance, he was responsible for bringing passenger rail service (Amtrak) back to Roseville after an absence of nearly two decades. He also was instrumental in the planning and creation of the Roseville Automall. Working with the Roseville Police Department, he spearheaded the formation of the Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL) youth program, and secured a site near the Placer County Fairgrounds for a gym/boxing facility that would benefit at-risk youth in our city.

 As longtime chairman of the community watchdog organization Friends of Roseville (FORE), Mr. Ozenick has worked tirelessly on behalf of residents, and was responsible for eliminating an illegal utility fee that saves ratepayers about $150 a year. He has attended countless city council meetings in support of individuals and neighborhoods, and has used FORE’s quarterly newsletter, FOREfront, to inform residents, and provide a platform for those who feel their concerns have fallen on deaf ears at city hall. I have known Phil Ozenick for 15 years, and he is a man of unparalleled honesty and integrity who always puts the welfare and interests of the people of Roseville first. For these reasons, I am voting for Phil Ozenick for Roseville City Council.

Alyssa Mulcahy, Roseville