Reader Input: Ozenick has earned vote

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Shortly after my retirement in 2005, I joined a local organization called Friends of Roseville (FORE) that functioned as a political watchdog over city government activities. I met Phil Ozenick, who is a longtime resident, community activist and chairman of the FORE organization.

It became apparent that Phil Ozenick was the heart and soul of the Friends of Roseville organization and runs it with passion.

Phil’s past experience as Roseville city councilman and mayor, member of the Roseville Historical Society and American Legion and United States Air Force Colonel (retired) attest to his professionalism along with his doctorate degree from the University of Southern California. These and the many accomplishments made to our community have earned Phil a reputation of success in Roseville.

Mr. Ozenick has chosen to serve us once again. He made his decision to run for City Council after careful consideration and realized the importance of making Roseville a better place to live. His “watchdog” activities with FORE give him insight to our needs and the way to serve us better. Phil’s love for Roseville encourages him to give his all to establish an effective and efficient government.

Although “community” is his primary passion, Phil has many other interests and responsibilities in his life.

He maintains a substantial garden at his home that he enjoys with his lovely wife of many years. He maintains membership and affiliation in many local and national clubs and organizations and has a large following of friends who encourage and support his community involvement.
I encourage everyone to look at the facts and vote for Phil Ozenick for Roseville City Council.  

Dustin Doyle, Roseville