Reader Input Online: Vote no on Measure K

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For over 33 years I have been a property owner in the Newcastle Fire Protection District. I served for 8 years on the Newcastle Elementary School District board and for 20 years as an officer and board member of the Newcastle Community Association. My community involvement has made me aware of the work done by Newcastle Fire District board members to support fire and emergency medical response in Newcastle.  During the last 6 years the Fire Board reached out to the community to create a citizens committee to advise on fire station sites and potential new revenue sources for the district. The board has reviewed at least 18 potential sites around Newcastle for a new fire station.  Several potential sites could not be purchased at the time because of insufficient district revenues. To gain adequate revenues the board put Measure B to the voters, who passed it by more than 68 percent.

I know that the Measure B tax is a concern to some multiple parcel owners who have non-buildable parcels. Please be aware that Section 10 of Measure B provides an appeal process for any property owner who is taxed.

The members of the Newcastle fire board have worked diligently and openly to support the fire and emergency medical protection Newcastle requires. Measure K guts those efforts. Please vote no on Measure K and support incumbent members Lewis, Stearns, and Poore so that they can carry out the Measure B mandate of the voters expressed last March.

Leslie Gray, Newcastle