Reader Input Online: Vote Liss for Loomis council

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There are two seats on the town council up for election. I am supporting Gary Liss, because:

Gary Liss is the first councilmember who has done something to put money in your pocket. Gary Liss negotiated a Super-Saver rate that will put up to $20 per month in your pocket. Nobody is forcing you to reduce your waste, but if you can…and choose to, you can save money.

Gary Liss supports opening the Heritage Park Phase III subdivision as a public open-space preserve, while his opponents want to build low-income housing there instead. Check out the pond yourself at:

Gary Liss opposes turning South Loomis into gated neighborhood enclaves. His opponent is ignoring his personal concerns over public safety to appease the pro-growth team that drafted him to run.

Gary Liss is running a positive campaign!  Now, don’t get me wrong here. I think Dave is a nice guy. But, his campaign advisors don’t know how to run a positive campaign. And they aren’t telling the truth.

I will only be voting for Gary Liss. I will let the folks who want more growth and less trees to select their representative from the other two.

Walt Scherer, Loomis