Reader Input Online: Obama, not Romney, seems to protect middle class

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In case anyone missed it, 170 people will be fired by the end of the year, and many have been let go already, from Sensata Technologies in Freeport, IL. Their jobs will be shipped to China where the workers will make $.99-1.35/hr. The important fact to know is that 51% of Sensata is owned by Bain Capital in which Mitt Romney has $8 million in stock.

Thanks to the hard working employees, Sensata made $504.6 million record net revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2012. They made car parts and because of Obama saving the auto industry their products were much in demand.

These employees had to train their replacements. The moving costs are still tax deductible for Bain.

The Democrats in Congress have been trying to pass the “Bring jobs home act” which gives incentives for bringing back outsourced jobs.  It passed in the Senate, but the Republicans in the House have filibustered this.

When asked, Romney did nothing for these workers and some were arrested for demanding a severance package.

These middle class workers made $17/hr., the median family income in Freeport is $35,589 and 86% of the population graduated from High School. This is a community with good values and now 170 families have been sacrificed to line the pockets of someone who might become our president.

When will the greed of the 1% end?

Consider Barack Obama’s attempt to grow the economy with these middle class, hard workers as valued participants in making our country strong.

Karen Bleuel, Auburn