Reader Input Online: Obama most dangerous

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I recall the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and all who followed him - Republican and Democrat! But recently, I’ve now come to the scary opinion, that the MOST DANGEROUS of all is, Barack Obama!
He has a vision in which he seems sincere; a Socialist State. But Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin
and Joseph Stalin were also sincere - yet observe the human misery of their citizens, and final collapse of their Soviet Socialist Regime! SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK!!!
Obama presents a likable, rather “Cute,” public demeanor. But, is this the sort of leader that we need? His record, by rational standards, is miserable. So what campaign strategy emerges? An attempt to demonize the opposition, and plead for 4 more years to “finish the job.” FINISH WHAT JOB—-” FAILURE?
In opposition we have a man, Mitt Romney, whose record shines by contrast, in both our Private and Public sectors.... He is Competent, and Presidential, with a unique understanding and program of how to create Jobs and Security at home, while restoring worldwide Faith in America, His slogan - “Believe in America.” sums it up well.
We have a choice Failure on the one hand, or success on the other. I recommend Success!
Think hard about it, and vote responsibly!!
James M. Ditty, Colfax