Reader Input Online: Obama campaign consistently lies

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I’m amazed that the Obama campaign still casts aspersions on the veracity of the Romney/Ryan team. The truth of the matter is that the Obama camp has consistently lied about the Republican candidates throughout this election cycle. The Administration has lied to the American people throughout their term and even when called out for their dishonesty, identified as promise-breakers and obfuscators, they continue to cast stones at their opponents.

Obama’s campaign is by far the worst; constantly saying ‘liar liar’ even in the face of overwhelming evidence that their claims are unfounded, blatantly false, and reek of desperation. As for the President – that he can allow this to happen (or encourage this to happen) despite his own admission that the ads have misled and lack any semblance of ethical behavior – speaks woefully ill of him.

I ask you: do we want a man in office who will do anything to retain power? Do we want a president who lacks integrity? Do we want a man who has broken every promise made to the American people?

I don’t – and I pray the voting public has grown so sick of his lies that they choose integrity over his power-hungry sleaziness.

J.P. Burns, Loomis